Malta 's Social And Economic Condition Essays

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After gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1964, Malta immediately sought friendly relations with the European Union. Though Malta did not gain membership until 2004, it has been significantly influenced by the EU, has influenced the EU and seeks to continue exerting influence on the EU. This paper seeks to present evidence demonstrating how Malta’s social and economic condition have changed since joining the EU, how Malta has worked to make the issues salient to them salient to the EU as well as to drive for change in EU policies in those issue centers. My paper relies on scholarly journal articles, documents presented by the European Union, and scholarly works by various experts in EU-Malta relations will begin by explaining the economic changes that have resulted from the financial aid Malta receives from the EU. Next, the social changes that have occurred from investments in the human capital due to EU pressure will be discussed. Next, I will examine how Malta has managed to influence the EU by pushing for the reform of the asylum policy, and worked for the EU to create friendly relations with neighboring Arab nations. Finally, I will conclude by discussing the policy directions that Malta hopes the EU will adopt by stabilizing the nation of Libya and creating policies that promote entrepreneurship in the Union. Though Malta had interest in attaining EU membership since its independence from the United Kingdom in 1964, it did not become a member until 2004…

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