Malpractice Essay

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1. Which of the following about malpractice is
A. It is the intentional mistakes done by doctors while treating their patients
B. Doctors' legal liability is waived by the patients' informed consent
C. Healthcare provider's deviation from the accepted norms of practice
D. It is only considered malpractice if it leads to injury, detriment or death
E. All of the above
2. Which of the following is NOT a part of full disclosure of medical error?
A. An explicit statement that an error occurred
B. What happened was a complication of the medical intervention
C. Basic description of the error
D. How recurrences will be prevented
E. An apology
3. Which of the follow ing statements best describes medical error'?
A. Any intentional act by
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A mistake in patient's diagnosis, or medication type or dose
D. A problem caused by the doctor's ignorance of correct treatment
E. An undesired and inevitable event during patient management
4. To minimize the possibility of committing a medical error, you should
A. Avoid getting insured against medical error
B. Rely on your memory in drug prescription
C. Delegate most of your work to colleagues
D. Follow management protocols and guidelines
E. Make the pharmacist decide which drug is better
5. Which of the following is correct about the Western philosophies?
A. They are based on religion as the source of morality B. They emphasize individual freedom as the basis for morality
C. Consist of two philosophies: utilitarian and duty-based
D. Islamic bioethics has no similarities with any of them E. All western communities endorse the same philosophies
6. Which of the following Western philosophies states that morality comes from /the consequences of acts to achieve the greatest happiness to most people?
A. Deontology
B. Virtue Ethics
C. Utilitarianism
D. Principlism
E. Feminist ethics
7. Which of the following ethical principles matches the Islamic rule of (No harm / nor harassment)
A. Beneficence
B. Care
C. Justice
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Take strong determination and performing what Allah impose on him
C. Take into consideration joining the membership of scientific societies in his field of specialty
D. He should request the assistance of his professions more experienced and efficient colleagues for solving problems
E. He should always be friends to patients regardless in any other issues
29. Physicians duties toward his profession includes ALL except:
A. To maintain the honor of the profession through paying special care to his personal conduct, personal appearance and by sincere devotion and dedication to the medical profession B. To avoid any action or word that could lead to contempt of the medical profession or to the undermining the important role of the physician
C. To contribute in the scientific and practical development of the profession
D. The physician should not take advantage of his profession position for obtaining any material or moral gains
E. You should wear any clothes while you are visiting your patient and it should be clean and in good shape
30. 20 years old female university student, single, pregnant of 4 months asked you to abort her baby for her and told you not to tell anybody. Choose the best answer
A. You will not do abortion for her and send her to her

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