Essay on Males And Females : Are They Treated The Same?

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Males and Females: Are They Treated the Same? Between now and the past century, men and women fought for equal rights, whether it was in the work force, school, and/or family. Essentially, they fought to balance the differences between men and women, particularly when American citizens participated in the Women’s Suffrage Movement to fight for the woman’s right to vote. Although gender equality has shown a success, there are still many differences in how men and women are treated in today’s American society. This includes labor pay, family situations, sports, and schooling. In favor of every person receiving a fair chance at earning what they deserve, these differences between men and women should be modified. Women have increasingly become associated with working jobs as adults, with less complaints from surrounding colleagues and coworkers. But the comparison between a woman’s work pay and a man’s work pay is significantly different. As of the year of 2015, “female full time workers made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent (“Pay Equity and Discrimination”). 20 cents less than a dollar do not seem very convincing, however, this money adds up. For example, if a male worked 40 hours a week for 10 dollars an hour, thus earning 400 dollars that week, then a female who worked the same number of hours of the same job will only earn about 320 dollars that week. The female worked just as hard as the male did, but she is earning less. This…

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