Maleficent By Robert Stromberg Essay

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In the critical review, we would like to share a well-known movie, which is directed by Robert Stromberg, entitled “Maleficent”. This movie is an action, adventure and family movie. The story is about two rival kingdoms, human kingdom, ruled by a vain and greedy king and the Moors, a peaceful kingdom. A powerful fairy, Maleficent helps Stefan who failed to steal jewel and they grow close. One day, the king wants to attack the Moors but been defeated and he wants to revenge through offers his daughter and kingdom to anyone that can kill Maleficent. Stefan takes Maleficent’s wings and gives them to king to prove that he had killed Maleficent. Stefan becomes the new king and give birth to a daughter named Aurora. Maleficent gives gift to princess and she will fall into a death like sleep if prick her finger on the needle of a spindle, only true love’s kiss can awake her. The king tries keeping her in the forest to avoid …show more content…
Robert Stromberg’s movie covers several points that we have agreed with a person should always having a tolerances to forgive someone who do something wrong. We also agree with we need to help their friends to overcome their problem when they are in trouble. Besides, we agree with we need to appreciate the help of others. In addition, we also agree with a person need to accept other’s cultural, relief, and custom. Moreover, the countries must work together without any block to maintain peaceful. On the other hand, we disagree with the greedy person rather hurt the close friend in order to gain some benefits from it. We also disagree with a people can be hurt by touching the iron. Besides, we disagree with the kingdom can be easily give to anyone as a rewards for them. Moreover, we disagree with a person does not appreciate the opportunity that given by others. In the end, we were unable to accept the presence of fairies in the real world as shown in the

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