Male Relationships in Be Essay

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Male Relationships throughout the British Empire:
Persistent Struggles with Race, Sexuality and Cultural Identity Throughout its global dominance, leaders of the British Empire supported English superiority in colonized regions. This made relationships between English men and men from colonies extremely difficult, and often risky, to develop. In order to maintain unity and authority, British men identified with one another and supported the discrimination of colonized men. Exceptions to this social routine are evident with characters from Mangal Pandey: The Rising, A Passage to India, and My Beautiful Laundrette. In Mangal Pandey, Pandey and Officer Gordon develop a unique relationship that is often tested by the lack of respect for
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Throughout the film, Gordon often showed his lack of entitlement with Pandey, especially when he wrestled Pandey in the dirt without wearing his uniform in front of an Indian crowd. Practicing equality with Indians did not come without consequence, however. Officer Gordon was resented by his British peers and became an outsider in the British military. He often struggled to please his military superiors, especially during what seems to be the climax of the movie when the British were introducing new rifles to the sepoys with questionable lubricant that might violate Indian religious principles. The British commanders forced Gordon to lie to Pandey and the sepoys by insisting that the lubricant was free of animal fat, which shows Gordon’s struggle to maintain trust with Pandey while identifying as an authoritative figure of the British military. During this scene, Pandey also struggled to satisfy his religious identification while continuing a trusting relationship with Gordon. As a consequence of biting the ammunition with uncertain lubricant, Pandey was initially shunned by his Indian community. It seems as though a relationship between an Indian male and a British officer was predestined to fail. Despite extensive efforts from Gordon and Pandey, the British system of discriminatory authority in India prevented the progression of a long-term relationship between the two. A Passage to India is a work of fiction

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