Male Dominance And Gender Discrimination Essay

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However, almost all the challenges faced by female, no matter what stage they are in the education system can be ultimately attributed to the gender discrimination. The unfair division between sexes and the inferior stereotype about female could be clearly seen in the challenges that had been discussed. As Gross and Davis (2013) discussed in their book:” The division is so powerful, to the extent that it generates physical and mental changes in the biological evolution of the group (Lorber, 1994 ) and in the entire social structure (Starr Sered, 2000 ) . That is why comprehensive reference to the gender perspective is not limited to the basic level of “man” and “woman” but includes all existential categories that play a role in structuring gender”. The powerful gender division that mentioned by Gross and Davis had produced the traditional view of male dominance, which then leaded to the fear of female competition in education, as Dyhouse (1998) wrote, “the most comprehensible explanation of the medical schools’ reaction against women students is in terms of simple ‘backlash’, the reassertion of patriarchal prerogatives after the war” and “ the fear of female competition in house appointments was exacerbated by the fact that many men considered the prospect of studying or working under female authority an unbearable affront to their dignity”. Therefore women were seen as an attachment of men rather than an independent society group, and they should have neither entered the…

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