Malcom In The Middle Analysis

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I decided to watch Malcom in the Middle, which is a comedy TV series that is based upon a dysfunctional family which centers around the high IQ gifted middle child named Malcom. Malcom has three brothers. The youngest named Dewey is the one always getting picked on. Dewey is also easily influenced by his older brothers to participate is wrongful acts. The oldest named Francis and second oldest named Reese are the trouble makers. The oldest also get shipped to Military school because of his behavior. Malcom is also a trouble maker but not intentionally, he is always getting pressured to do stuff that he isn’t supposed to do. Malcom seems to have a conscious and spits out the truth from time to time. In this TV series, the mother is outspoken, extremely opinionated. She seems to make the rules and is in charge of the house-hold. Whereas; the husband (the father) has a soft side and tends to make the …show more content…
The mother then goes on by giving the boys a lecture. In this episode, Malcom also gets told he has a high IQ. In one of the scenes of episode you can tell the house is a mess and disorganized. The mother is trying to do the laundry with no top on. The mother also tells the boys to get the door when the doorbell rings however; instead they start fighting. The mother ends up opening the door with no top on. While at the eating table, the mother states about Malcom high IQ and how she is so excited that she has a gifted child. Malcom isn’t so excited about this. He tries to beg his mom other wise to let him not be put into these special classes. The mother refuses and the Malcom says “Dad” (TV show, Malcom in the Middle) hinting towards his father to help him. Malcom’s mother says “Honey” (TV show, Malcom in the Middle) hinting towards Malcom’s father to take her side. However; the father doesn’t want to disappoint his son or his wife so he goes and changed the

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