Essay on Malcolm X And Frederick Douglass

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History has been shaped by the actions of many great African Americans. In spite of living in different time periods, Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass can be evaluated because both men were instrumental for the growth and successfulness of the African American community. Their Views can be assessed. Religion, education, struggle for rights, writing abilities and work ethic are topics which can be compared in the lives of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X which can be compared in the lives of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X. Religion is a strong and sensitive topic in America. The religious beliefs of both men can be compared. The religious beliefs of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X were key components in their lives. Frederick Douglass was a part of the abolitionist movement where he argued that many slave owners could not be Christians because they owned slaves. Frederick Douglass leaned the bible than taught Sunday school and later became a minster. Frederick Douglass believed in Christianity and had morals that guided him throughout his life. Also, Malcolm X was born a Baptist and later when he was sent to jail in Charleston, Massachusetts until 1932, and during this time Malcolm X will meet a fellow convict he called “Bimbi” where he convinced Malcolm X to study and expand his mind. After that, Malcolm Little is release in 1932 and converted to the Nation of Islam. Religion played a huge factor in both men lives, it helped them keep focus on what was right and did not…

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