Malcolm Gladwell And David Abrams Essay

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Drastically different experiences develop drastically different views. This is epitomized when three highly-educated men from various backgrounds discuss an overarching counterseal theme of technology and religion. Tom Bartlett, Malcolm Gladwell and David Abrams all have stories to tell from their life experiences. Bartlett viewed religion as a way of life and, through religion, observed that hearts could be changed and made moral. Gladwell saw the world as corrupt, especially in 1900’s New York, but when things got better in that city he looked at the context. Abrams, on the other hand, still saw the world as corrupt and that in order to reach a state of peace, one must be alone and explore nature. Although these men had different life experiences, all believed that religion can change a person’s world view. Abrams sees major problems in the world. While Bartlett and Gladwell acknowledge the problems Abrams sees, they also provide an alternative vision, a more optimistic one. Abrams shares his view that people are now so focused on their phones and other technology that human-to-human interaction has been lessened, and people are more focused on themselves. Abrams states, “Caught up in a mass of abstractions, our attention hypnotized by a host of human-made technologies that only reflect us back to ourselves, it is all too easy for us to forget our carnal inherence in a more-than-human matrix of sensations and sensibilities” (Abrams 17). Throughout his paper, Abrams…

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