Malcolm Baldrige Award: Mercy Health System Essay examples

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Malcolm Baldrige Award:
Mercy Health System

The Malcolm Baldrige Award is a guide to achieve excellence in businesses. It is based on a system approach that draws a set of performance objectives for companies, allowing them to reach advanced and outstanding performance to better serve their numerous stakeholders on one hand, to enhance the general organizational effectiveness and efficiency on the other, as well as encourage and increase both the individual and organizational learning with the purpose to increase the overall satisfaction. The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is held every year, it is honored by the presence of the President of the United States of America who presents the awards to organizations that
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A long-term action plan is to develop HR plan based on best practices, Attain Wellness Councils of America recognition, implement a Mercy Learning Center. And a short-term action plan is to Implement enhanced work-life benefits, Implement Employee Health and Wellness action plan. For Cost Strategic Objective is to continue growth initiatives strategies, emphasize cost containment through efficient operations, achieve long-term financial success. The long-term action plan would be to obtain level II trauma designation, maintain a solid budgeting and financial forecasting systems, Maintain solid operating margin. And a short-term action plan is to Complete Level II Trauma Assessment, Improve operations through use of new budgeting system tools, and Restructure long-term financing. In Customer focus of the award requirement, where Mercy Health System has patient/customer satisfaction surveys, which are customized for each core service area, including inpatient and emergent care, outpatient clinic, post-acute care and retail and insurance products. Service Recovery Program tracks complaint resolution and provides weekly reports to VPs, including detailed complaint reports and run charts on total concerns and the top six categories. Also they use market research to analyze use of studies by Mercy Health System and competitor customers. Retention/ Referral Analyses is an analyses of patient transfers, medical record transfer requests, HealthLine survey

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