Malaria Avoidable Killer

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10 December 2015 Malaria, the Avoidable Killer Malaria kills more people than smoking per year! Malaria is a disease in third-world countries, caused by a parasite that infects the mosquitoes feeding on people. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), there are four types of parasites that infect people: Plasmodium Falciparum, P. Vivax, P. Ovale, and P. Malariae. There are about 198 million cases of malaria in the world and 500,000 people die each year of the disease--most are children in Africa (CDC). Malaria is an epidemic in foreign countries because of the contaminated water supply and lack of materials to stop the spread of mosquitoes. One of the
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Charity:Water is a nonprofit organization that brings clean water to people in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and to Caribbean. They have numerous completed projects such as hand-dug wells and drilled wells in parts of India, Africa, etc (Charity:Water). Water.Org was founded by the actor, Matt Damon and Gary White to help provide clean water and sanitation in struggling countries. According to their facts 1 in 10 people lack access to safe water and 1 in 3 people lack access to a toilet. Their mission is to change these statistics (Water.Org). They currently work in the countries: Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The CWC researches and designs models for water management. Some of their past research projects are: Climate Risk and Conflict in Central Africa; Delaware River Basin conservation; and Columbia Global Food initiative. They also do research projects such as, Public and Private Water Utility Study (CWC). Three Avocados is a social enterprise that produces funds for clean water in Africa through the sale of coffee. The coffee beans are fairly traded and organically grown. They currently work in Uganda and Nicaragua. Waterislife is a nonprofit organization that brings water to those in need. …show more content…
Bed nets are used as a protective barrier for when people are sleeping. The insecticides kill and repel mosquitos, as well as other insects. This would also reduce the number of mosquitoes entering houses and decreases the lifespan of mosquitoes. Several companies have started developing bed nets that last for 3 years, even after getting it washed. Another way could be using Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS). IRS is a procedure where the walls and other surfaces of the house are coated with insecticide. This will keep killing mosquitos and insects for several months. Another possible way is to use a procedure called vector control. This is a procedure that takes extraordinary measures of larvae control, Source Reduction, Biological Control, and Chemical Larviciding. Larval Control is used to eliminate the larvaes before they grow into full grown adults where they have the possibility of transmitting disease. Doing this will reduce the risk of infection from mosquitoes. Source Reduction is to completely eradicate the breeding sites of mosquitoes. This can be done by draining swamps or removing standing water. Chemical Larviciding is where chemical insecticides are directly sprayed on larval habitats. Other methods, which are less dangerous to the environment are applying oils to the water surface, which would eventually suffocate larvae and pupae. Toxins and insect growth regulators can be used the same way as

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