Essay on Making Life Tough On A New Planet By Bill Mckibben

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Eaarth: making life tough on a new planet written by Bill Mckibben is one the most informative books that has been written about global warming. Mckibben is an author, educator but most importantly an environmentalist. In fact, he was one of the first people to warn the world about global warning. Some of his accomplishments include winning the Gandhi Prize and the Thomas Merton Prize in 2013 ( These 288 pages (published by Times Books) were just as impressive as his resume. The book highlights some of the most devastating impacts of global warming. The environmental changes such as melting of the polar icecaps, rising sea levels, increase in CO2, abnormal migration of species, storms being more violent than ever and etc have completely changed the planet. Mckibben gives a great analogy to the point he was trying to make "We 're like the guy who smoked for forty years and then he had a stroke. He doesn 't smoke anymore but he left side of his body does not work either (Mckibben, 16.)" Mckibben points out that the Earth has changed so much (due to global warming) that we cannot call this Earth anymore. We will have to change our ways and rethink our priorities if we want to survive like the smoking man. Today in our society we value the economy above all else. Ever election cycle the general public and political candidates put special emphasis on economics, not global warming. In the book, Mckibben talks about how the overvaluing our economy ironically…

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