Making A Decision For Report Child Negligence Essay examples

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Making a Decision to Report Child Negligence
When a divorced 38 year old mother, of two girls, refused treatment of her metastatic cancer of the larynx, her condition began to worsen. Her daughters, ages eight and ten, began to take care of her, leading to their downfall in school grades. The home health nurse must make the decision, of whether or not to tell the school nurse the reason the girls’ grades are slipping, or whether this is confidential information that she cannot share. The home health nurse will have to decide what the ethical dilemma is, what legal issues will need to be addressed, and how she will have to proceed with her decision. The main ethical dilemma in this situation is whether or not the home health nurse should tell the school nurse why the two girls’ grades are dropping. The home health nurse is hesitant to report the mother because she is unsure whether this information is confidential; she believes she is witnessing a form of child abuse. Since the mother neglected to receive further treatment for her metastatic cancer, she has become a burden on both of her daughters, leading to their grades dropping and fear for their mother as they watch her deteriorate. The nurse is frightened that she will be committing a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) violation by sharing this confidential information about the girls’ mother’s health with the school nurse. When thinking about how to ethically deal with the decision to…

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