Major Questions Of Paleoanthropology : The First Art Essay

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Major Questions in Paleoanthropology: The First Art Three articles by Aubert, Joordens, and Vidal all display the beginnings of art which come from all over the world including Siberia, North Africa, South Africa, and Australia. The time period in which we have evidence of this art is called the Upper Paleolithic, which is considered to be what is commonly called “The Stone Age”. These articles describe early art as simple geometric engravings, paintings, stencils, and even portable stone sculptures. In spite of the fact that these works were simple, they had intent and purpose behind them. Each have a different research goal, but all relate their works to the larger concept of how early art plays a role in human evolution. Early art, or symbolic images, is considered to be a major cognitive and evolutionary step in early human and hominin behavior. The article by Aubert is set in Sulawesi which is an island off of Indonesia. Sulawesi has provided nearly 90 rock caves that contain early artwork, within these caves art is poorly preserved due to weathering. At the cave site of Leang Bulu Bettue, twelve hand stencils and two animal paintings were found. In order to find the dates of the artwork, a uranium dating process was used by taking pigments and coralloid from the cave surfaces. The ages for these pieces span anywhere from a maximum age of 39.9 to a minimum age of 17.7 kyr, which is now the earliest human evidence on Sulawesi. This discovery allows for researchers and…

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