Major Disasters And Problems By Franklin D. Roosevelt Proposed The New Deal Legislation

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Different major catastrophes and problems gave the whites the chance to do major things to affect minority’s, causing the differences in wealth. Racial discrimination and hatred has played a major roll on the wealth divisions between whites and minorities. Over time, whites have made it a priority to make sure there were loop holes to make sure minorities suffered from different causes such as economic issues, rights, and many more. The government in the past bent and twisted the laws passed so that minorities would not fit the qualifications.

Beginning with the Great Depression in 1929, Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed the New Deal Legislation. The New Deal Legislation is a series of experimental projects and programs that aimed to restore some measure of dignity and prosperity to many Americans. ( The New Deal, actually supposed to bring back dignity and prosperity to many Americans, targeted mostly whites. Through the New Deal, the Federal Housing Agency prevented African Americans from moving into white neighborhood; and some work places refusing to hire blacks. The Agricultural Adjustment Ac, or the AAA, pushed the African American workers off the farms because they were paying the farmers not to grow crops. This money that was made from the farmers not growing crops was supposed to be distributed to the blacks, but they failed to distribute it equally. (History Book 525) The Social Security Act, passed in 1935, sought to help those who could not help…

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