Major Crime Preventions And Environmental Theories

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Learning about major crime preventions and environment theories has helped me to expand my knowledge regarding this subject. Geographical displacement occurs when the intervention blocks crime or disorder opportunities at a place or area. Therefore, offenders move to other places or areas to keep continue to commit crimes. Temporal displacement is when offenders keep committing crimes at the same location or area but in different days or hours. “Temporal displacement can be easier for offenders than geographical displacement because it does not required as much work” (Clarke & Eck, 2014). Overall, crime displacement is the relocation of crime location, time, target, offense, or tactic.
When geographical displacement occurs, the offender is
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But they can also switch targets, change their tactics, or change crimes. When offenders change the newest protected targets to other targets it is called target displacement. Tactical displacement occurs when offenders change their tactics or procedures” (Clarke & Eck, 2014). For example, the offender might use different tools to defeat better locks. Another example is the installation of alter programs for hackers security. Offenders can also relate on changing crimes. For example, an offenders might switch from theft to break-ins.
“The opposite of crime displacement is diffusion of crime control benefits” (Guerette, 2009). Crime diffusion involves the reduction of crime but the benefit of diffusion can occur in many forms. For example, target and spatial diffusion occur when the areas or target near the involvement zone experience a reduction in crime. When displacement occurs, it is determine by three factors which are offender motivation, offender familiarity, and crime opportunity. The learning resources suggest by analyzing the offenders, locations, victims, and collecting information can help to develop and manage
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Following the steps scanning, analyzing, response, and assessment. In analyzing example two I notice that the first thing the police did was to watch for several weeks the members of the group that were causing this performance. After, the response was to minimize the parking lots, and restrict the flow of traffic to one way. “The assessment, was to stop the groups from gathering in parks when environmental changes were made in the parking lot”

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