Great War Causes

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World War I was a major event in time that historians today still look upon. Although there were multiple causes of The Great War the major causes lead to this big chaos. The main underlying causes were alliances, imperialism, and the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. These main causes lead the road to the Great War that now remains in history but is still looked upon to this day. Allow this was a historical time in history a lot of other little tensions sparked this war as well. Alliances as we know are an agreement made between several or more countries to give each other help if necessary. What these allies really did though was basically set war on other countries whenever someone from your alliance is attacked. According to the article, “These were important because they meant that some countries had no option but to declare war if one of their allies declared war first,” (History on the net, pg.1). This enhanced the war because if one country from the opposite side of alliances were …show more content…
Europe during this time split six countries into two groups of alliances. Which is a cause to the war because if one country attacked the opposite alliance every country came to defend for their ally. Each alliance had their own strategic way to win the war which made the war more suspenseful from both sides. Another main reason for this war was imperialism which was actually the key foundation for this whole war. Imperialism is when a country rises their power and wealth by upbringing additional territories under their own control. In other words a powerful nation that takes control of other territories outside of its borders. This was a main contributor to this war because the race to own territory between European countries was utterly astonishing. For the countries in Europe it was considered an arms race to seize control of new

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