Maile Meloy's Themes

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Maile Meloy writes about a young cowboy who was burdened with polio at the young age of two. A disease which left him with a bum hip and an awkward body position making it seem “as though he were turning to himself to ask a question” at any given time (Meloy). With no strong parental guidance the protagonist Chet, sets out to live the life of a ranch hand near the small town of Glendive, Montana. To his surprise, fate brings an unsure young lawyer across his path. As he attempts to create a bond with “Travis, B” we can analyze the literary elements used to project the theme of a quest for a relationship. The setting contributes to the theme in many ways. The weather and the ranch help create the theme because other than one spring season we …show more content…
Since he was a young boy Chet has had small hardships because of his polio. “His mother always [thinking] he would die young,” portrays the dissociation he may have experienced with her growing up (Meloy). Explaining why he may have felt the need “to prove to her that he was invincible” (Meloy). The low self-worthy environment, adversities created by his polio, faulty relationships, and his lonesome surroundings contribute to the main characters actions to go drive into town. Unknowing of the true purpose behind the visit, the curious tone of this scene reveals that social interaction is what the protagonist is looking for. As he notices people walking towards a door opening on the side of the school he “slows” down and “watches them.” His curiosity gets the better of him as he parks his truck and heads inside. In the following moments Chet is bewildered by the damsel in distress, Beth Travis. By Chet analyzing the characteristics of Beth we can see the author’s use of language in her story. It can be assumed that he could be intrigued by Beth because of her resemblance to something he is familiar with, horses. Her “light colored hair” and “gray wool skirt” can easily be interpreted to symbolize the maine of a horse, and the “wool” blanket used to clothe a horse before saddling up. Not to mention her attitude towards Chet at first is “shy” and

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