Maharishi Valmiki Character Analysis

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1.1 INTRODUCTION Once upon a time, Maharishi Valmiki wanted to enlighten himself on the concept of an ideal individual or rather, an ideal man. Sage Narada, who is known particularly for his devotion and love for Lord Vishnu, and his chants of ‘Narayana Narayana’, came to the rescue. He recited a tale of an individual, the perfectionist or Mr. Ideal, in modern terms, and enlightened Valmiki. After a few days, a hunter was roaming in the forest and was in pursuit of a kraunchya bird. Valmiki witnessed the massacre of the bird and the subsequent cries of the bird’s partner. Valmiki was displeased and overwhelmingly angered by the hunter’s action. Somehow he managed to control his anger and questioned his outburst. Several years of
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He is one of those game changers who changed the entire scenario of war through his efforts. Hanuman, also known as the ‘monkey lord’ is also known to be the eleventh rudra of Lord Shiva. He was sent by Mahadeva in order to aid Rama in his adventures. He was born to Kesari, a vanara king in Sumeru region and to Anjani. He is considered as an ideal devotee of Rama and is known to pierce his chest in order to show his devotion to Rama. He along with his allies, including Angada, Jambvana, Nala and Neela, with the aid of Sampati, elder brother of Jatayu, was successful in locating Sita by crossing the vast ocean and finding her in captive at Asoka Vana. He, after being held and humiliated by Ravana, burnt the whole city of Lanka with his tail. He played a vital role during the war between Rama and Ravana and also played a major role in the recovery of Lakshmana from his state of unconsciousness by bringing Sanjeevani herbs from Himalaya. He is known to exist even today and some evidences have proved his existence in our modern …show more content…
He was against of abduction of Sita and advised Ravana to return Sita to Rama and apologize. Ravana opposed the advice of his younger brother and threw him out calling him a coward. Subsequently he joined Rama’s army and played a vital role in making strategies against Ravana and defeating him. He was the one who knew the secrets of Ravana and his son Meghnadha. Vibhishana had a ‘sattvic’ nature and he was the one who stood beside Hanuman when he was humiliated by Ravana. After the downfall of Ravana, Vibhishana was coroneted as the new king of Lanka; he turned his disciples virtuous and made them follow the path of Dharma. Thus, he was able to establish peace and prosperity in the region what we know today as Sri Lanka.
3.4 A BRIEF NOTE ON KAIKEYI Kaikeyi was one of the three queen wives of Dasaratha and was referred as ‘younger mother’ by Rama in Ayodhya Kaanda, the second book of Ramayana. She was the mother of Bharata, the one who devoted his life to his elder brother, Rama. While Bharata was away in Kaikeya, to visit his maternal grandfather, Kaikeyi, instigated by Manthara, her maidservant, and taking advantage of being king’s favorite wife, asked for two boons which Dasaratha had promised her when she saved his life during a

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