Magic Eye, Inc. Essay

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Magic Eye, INC. is a software company specializing in computerized special effects. Paul Reed, a 35-year-old engineer whom is also the vice president of Magic Eye, INC. works with three teams of programmer that have five individual employees and a head supervisor. Each team and member is balance evenly with seniority, education background and expertise. Paul works closely with the supervisor and lately he has been working with a group of young programmers to develop new applications for special clients. Paul Reed felt that he has to discuss with Muriel Tremblay whom is a responsible for personnel issue over the lack of maximum potential efforts for all the employees that are under him due to working with a group of young programmers developing new applicants for special clients. Mr. Reed stated the clear reason that it is obvious that their programmers are not motivated. Paul also stated that the company is a rather “flat” organization and there are not a lot of hierarchical levels. Jeannine Savaria, an employee of Magic Eye for over more than a year. She is a well train, analytical thinking, and have experiences with software and hardware from different companies. However, Jeannine performance is nowhere close to her potential capacity, even though her abilities are outstanding. Jeannine feels like she is treated like a kindergarten at work and she also stated that she feels she is well compensated for her time but she feels that she is not given the chance to prove…

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