Mad Max : Fury Road Essay

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Mad Max: Fury Road is a spectacular film, and while it may not seem to be the most thought-provoking movie, there is a lot of hidden depth that can be discovered. Performing more than just a cursory viewing allows one to see the hidden themes and ideals presented in a seemingly vacuous movie, and looking past the dust and explosions allows one to see the characters develop along with the setting and landscape. The most prolific use of imagery in this movie is not even in the visual effects, which are spectacular, but in the sound. The visual effects, however, influence the movie nearly as much, from the specific color choice to the landscape and its specificities.

Sound, and it’s absence, is a very powerful thing. A simple soundtrack placed in the right place can create incredible amounts of emotion, be it tension, relief, or excitement and anticipation.

"There was a little sound, little, sustained, droning sounds that had continued right through into the next scene. So that caught the audience’s ear and it led to an expectation of something else about to happen, rather than we were coming to a full stop. And by making it completely silent, with not one bit of sound, it sort of gave permission for the audience to applaud. And that was really interesting to me. I didn’t think a sound I could barely hear influenced the way that the audience would respond to them." George Miller, Interview.

The simple inclusion of a whistling sound emitted by wind blowing past a piece…

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