Macro Environment: Social And Socioeconomic Factors In The Apple Company

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Macro environmental factors are those uncontrollable external factors that affect the company’s decision making process. These factors include demographic, socio-cultural, economic, political-legal and also the natural factors.

Demographic factors –
Demographic factors include age, sex, religion, location, density, occupation etc. Apple Company has 217 stores in United Stated and about 273 stores worldwide. Apple Company has a total of about 36,800 employees. 2,500 are temporary employees and 34,300 are full time employees.
According to a research, 69% of iPod users are between the age group of 13-24. 31% iPhone users are between the age group of 35-50. iPhone users over the age of 25 are about 74%.
Apple Company’s market segment is divided into a
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with the continuous advancement in technology, Apple is a big opportunity for young people, college and university students, and businessmen.
King of technology is what Apple is globally seen now because of the faster developments it makes and the wider range of products it provides. The image of Apple has increased a lot and now it has become a lifestyle for many people. In today’s modern individuals life Apple is noticed as an image. Hence, these socio-cultural factors have shown a positive effect on Apple Company.
• The biggest growth in consumer spending in coming decades will be in areas of the world such as Africa where people are unfamiliar with Apple products.
• Consumers in those markets and younger people in Apple’s established markets, such as the United States, lack the strong emotional attachment to Apple products that drive sales.
• There is a backlash against expensive and stylish products among some customers in the United States and

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