Maci Frantz: Islam: Empire Of Faith

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Maci Frantz

Islam: Empire of Faith

The main subject of the movie is to describe Islam and its history. The movie included the history background on Islam/Koran, Muslims, Muhammad, Saladin, Mehmet, Suleyman, and Christians. It also focused on buildings from the Romans and innovations such as math, engineering, astronomy, medicine, and paper. Some good things about the movie was that it was very detailing on the different religions and what they did. It also would be a good movie to watch if you wanted to learn more about all the different Islamic religions and there background. Although it was very educational, it was sometime difficult to process some of the words they were saying. The Islamic people had a lot of welfare and conflict,
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It is the most sacred site in Islam, Muslims are expected to face the Kaoba when performing a prayer. Church of the St. John the Baptist, allows Mosques on Fridays and Christians on Sundays. The great mosques of Damascus is one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world. It is considered to some Muslims to be the fourth-holiest place in Islam. The House of Wisdom was created by Caliph Harun al-Rashid in 786–809, then was taken over by his son Al-Ma'mun in 813–833. Al-Ma'mun was also acknowledged for bringing many well known scholars to share information, ideas, and cultures in the House of Wisdom. A Hagia Sophia is a former Christian church, later an imperial masque, and now a museum in Turkey. The Hagia Sophia started construction in 532 and completed in …show more content…
At the age of eleven he was sent to Amasya to govern and gain experience. He was also a very expressing poet which was very rare at the time. One year later at the age of twelve he became sultan, he was the first sultan to codify criminal and constitutional law. When he became sultan he strangled both of his brothers so that they couldn't steal the royalty away from him. He founded many mosques and religious schools, most likely because he had the power too. From 1444 to 1446 he ruled the ottoman for a brief time. He then again ruled it from 1451 to 1481 since Sultan Murad || died. At the age of 21 he led an army that captured the capital of the eastern world, constantpole. In 1481, he was believed to be poisoned. Suleyman, also known as "Suleyman the Magnificent" was born on November 6, 1494 in the town of Trabzon, Turkey. At the age of seven, Suleyman was sent to study science, history, literature, theology, and military tactics. From the age of seventeen, he was appointed as the governor city of Kaffa. He then became sultan at the age of 26 and was the tenth and longest reigning sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Suleyman began a series of military conquests, which had brought him under the control of the empire to the Muslim cities. He then died in 1566 from a war with

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