Machiavelli The Prince Research Paper

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The Renaissance produced many advances in the artistic, educational, and philosophical realms that in turn affected the political spheres of Italy. One of the most influenced by Italy’s political spheres was Niccolo Machiavelli, who was exiled by the Medici family. In this time, he wrote his book The Prince as a guide on how to rule effectively and was directly penned towards the same people who banished him. Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, while appearing to be simply a handbook on how to rule a kingdom successfully, is a fascinating look into the traits that shape Machiavelli’s idea of a great ruler.
According to Machiavelli, one of the main ways a prince can be successful is on how he is viewed by his people. The only way to stay in power is if a prince is a true friend or an absolute enemy of his people. Machiavelli later states that a ruler should be feared rather than loved, as fear keeps citizens in their place. While it is not the most ideal method, fear is expressed as a good way to stay in power as a ruler. In addition, the decisions of a prince must be unquestioned by his servants. The servants must also be honest as not to
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Despite Machiavelli’s claim that one must protect his colonies, he states that “guards useless as colony is useful”. He later argues that mercenaries distrustful as they are hired without pay from another land. are some things that, despite their initial appeal, should be avoided. Moreover, war is something a prince should excel at in order to maintain greatness. A prince should also oversee the entire army’s training as to better lead them in military operations. Since Machiavelli stresses the importance of being ready to lead armies into battle that as a prince, it should be a priority. The military obligations of a ruler for his state are exponentially important, whether is be as simple as maintaining a colony or waging a

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