MICE Tourism India Case Study

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Indian is having abundant of city hotels and resort which is increasing the MICE tourism in India. There are many critical steps being taken forward by Indian government and tourism department to promote the country worldwide. MICE people prefer city hotels which can help India to increase its spread of MICE tourism in ASIA.
Sports in India plays an important role in development of tourism sector and infrastructure. This also helps in increasing the Gross value of India in International market as it encourage tourism. Indian Premier League (IPL) is boosting both Indian economy and Hospitality sectors as from 2008 when the event was started in India. The expectations by the hotel for 2017 are 45000 rooms were booked per night which increased
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The foreign Companies have already started investing in India which helps in growth of Indian economy, because of the labor that they require is employed from the place itself. Any company that start its working in other country also need to keep some critical factors in mind as they require some planning about their working standards for which they plan meetings. Events, conferences and they are many different areas that the company should follow. This all helps India to increase its MICE tourism. The previous year the percentage of FDI was increased by 21 % which invited many people to invest in different sectors. Technology, automobiles and trading were the 3 main areas which increased the investments from foreign companies in …show more content…
McAfee is now looking forward to invest more and more in Bengaluru as during this financial year the profit of the firm is increasing day by day. The firm had a tie up with between Intel and McAfee that was one entity are now separated and Intel and TPG are now one entity. That is the main reason for McAfee to invest in India as during last year they witnessed 20 % growth in their revenue and more employment. The project that they will set up in Bengaluru will definitely help in increasing the employment level of India and there will be more job opportunities. This will definitely help in inflow of FDI in

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