Essay on Lyndon B. Johnson 's Accomplishments

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Throughout the years, the United States has experienced the reigns of many of presidents. Some of these presidents having the admiration of the public for being one of the best presidents, and some just have the scum left on the floor. In my opinion one of the best presidents we have had up to date was Lyndon B. Johnson for his hardy attitude, and having the knowledge to comprehend what he can and cannot do. The worst president goes to Bill Clinton for his wishy-washy, hardheaded decision-making, and for risking national security for personal affairs.
Lyndon B. Johnson was truly one of the best presidents that were planning for the future. He knew what the people wanted, and that is exactly what he gave them. With not taking no for an answer Lyndon B. Johnson was able to protect the civil rights of society; civil rights, Medicare, environmental safety, public advertising and to help get rid of the poor. Lyndon B. Johnsons signed a Civil Rights Act in 1964 and 1968, which finally stopped the segregation between races and allowed equal opportunity for all. This has helped the United States immensely by destroying the view that minorities were not even humans and more like property. This also includes everyone the right to vote disregarding his or her nationality or race. If it were not for Lyndon B. Johnson there world right now would still probably be like 200 years behind our time, struggling more with racism that we already do today!
Bill Clinton on the other hand was…

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