Lydia Darragh

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By: Christina Vo Saving a life is impressive especially with our country’s first president, Lydia Darragh was the one to save George Washington from the life threatening sneak attack. If it was not for Lydia’s courage, she would not have saved George from this death, along with hundreds of his soldiers. If you’d like to hear more, then you should continue reading this passage. Lydia Darragh lived a pretty average life before the Revolutionary War. Lydia was born in Dublin Ireland in 1729. At age 24 she married the family tutor, William Darragh. According to it said “A few years later the couple moved to America, settling in Philadelphia with it’s large Quaker community. “ And from the same website it also said “Although the Quakers were pacifists - and most remained neutral during the Revolutionary War - the Darraghs secretly supported the rebel cause.” After they moved to Philadelphia Lydia gave birth to 9 children but 4 died in infancy, so she raised 5 children. William Darragh continued his job as a tutor while Lydia worked as a housewife. So you can see, she stayed busy before the Revolutionary War. …show more content…
Lydia was reunited with her two beloved children. Thanks to lydia she warned George Washing and the Whitemarsh about the attack, if she didn't send the message to George then him and the Whitemarsh may have gotten badly injured or maybe even dead. Lydia has left a large impact on the country since her death. says “ Darragh’s daughter, Ann published the story of her mother’s spy work in 1877.” Ann had made that story so Lydia Darragh would be remembered as a strong, brave, and a remarkable spy. After Lydia’s death the Revolutionary War was won. In 1783 Lydia’s husband, William died. 3 years after his death, Lydia moved into a new home and ran a shop until her death in 1789. She was a brave and a courageous person. Lydia has done some unbelievable things that no other men or women could

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