Love 's Value Over Wealth Essay

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Love’s value over wealth in Great Expectations Pip being a member of the lower class wishes for nothing but success and fortune. Yet soon comes to realize how rich he truly is. The story begins when Pip is six years old, and lives in England with his sister Mrs. Joe Gargery and her husband Mr. Joe Gargery. His sister is cruel yet her husband is not, as he is often seen to sympathize for young Pip. Pip is then asked play with the stepdaughter of a rich lady by the name of Miss Havisham. This is when Pip is introduced to Estella, and changes the book entirely. Early on in the story Pip only has very minor feelings towards Estella, but later in the story it develops into clear love and desire. Even while he is young Pip is aware that he will never be able to be with her due to their differences in social class, Pip is just a poor boy and is not anywhere near to Estella who is apart of one of the wealthiest families in town. As years go by Pip ends up to be in his teenage years and begins to work with Joe Gargery as a blacksmith, but it is not what he enjoys doing. Shortly after Pip receives a huge sum of money from an unknown source. Pip surprised by his luck sees this as an opportunity to move to London and turn into a man fit for Estella. Pip originally has good intentions with what he would do with the money, but as he gets a hold of it he uses it for all the wrong reasons. He uses it carelessly to enjoy with his friend Herbert Pocket. The idea of love’s value over…

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