Changes That Occur In Pip's Character In 'Great Expectations'

The Changes That Occur In Pip In the novel Great Expectation, Pip is a growing individual. His personality changes many times throughout the story. He starts out as a young boy, who is bothered by the fact that he never got to meet his biological parents. While he was in the graveyard, he runs into a distraught man, who is dirty and soaked in water. He later realizes that the man was an escaped convict on the run. The convict grabbed Pip and hung him upside down. He then demanded Pip to deliver him a file and food. Pip was very frightened and submissive. “I was dreadfully frightened, and so giddy that I clung him with both my hands.” (Page 3) Pip ran home in fear, as he got home he realized that his sister, Mrs. Joe, was very fuming and looking …show more content…
He came to realize that this man was his benefactor, and also his escaped convict. Pip was frightened at first but also curious as to why he was giving Pip the money to become the gentleman he dreamed of being. Pip did not want the escaped convict to stay with him because he came with trouble. If the convict was caught, he would be hanged and Pip could be charged with a crime as well. Pip and Herbert planned to help the convict get out of London without getting caught. They took daily rows down the river so it would become common for them. The night came, they took the convict with them and planned to escape, but they were caught. The convict was to be hanged for all his crime, Pip once again showed the kindness in his heart and stayed with the convict before he died. The convict apologized to Pip for not being able to make him a gentleman and Pip told him that the money doesn’t matter, he truly cares for him. Pips personality changed many times throughout the novel. He started out as a sacred boy who was ashamed of who he was. He later became wealthy and arrogant; he felt that money was an important element in his life. He was always trying to change Joe and make him into someone that he wasn’t. When Pip finally grew up into a respectful young man, he realized that money doesn’t matter as much as family and

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