Great Expectations Magwitch Forgiveness Quotes

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Forgiveness and loyalty are some quantities that are shown by the character's more accepting, new self. On page 447, Magwitch is arrested and awaits his fate. Pip promises Magwitch that he won't abandon him. "I will be true to you, as you have been to me!" Pip used to push away people from him in the past, but now he has decided to start embracing them. Pip feels that he has not been thankful enough for the mentor figures in his life and realizes now that Magwitch has always been there for him. Even though Pip has lost his entire fortune and now has no money, he stays by Magwitch's side, associating himself with a criminal. This is a big step for Pip, considering that for a while, he refused to even associate himself with his own father, …show more content…
In the classic ending, Pip is never able to be with Estella, because she doesn't believe she can love anyone. However, after being mistreated by Drummel and leading a solitary and torturous life, Estella meets Pip again, this time, as a changed person. "'But you said to me,...God bless you, God forgive you!... I have been bent and broken, but-- I hope-- into a better shape. Be as considerate and good to me as you were, and tell me we are friends'" (484). Estella has lived a painful life with Drummel, and years after his death, she has realized that she actually really liked Pip the whole time. She has been "Bent into better shape", meaning she has realized her mistakes and has decided to become more loving and open to Pip. Her experiences have changed her, and she realizes now that she actually does need the support of a real friend. She can no longer draw men in just to break their hearts; she will just end up living a sad and lonely life, like her adoptive mother. Ms. Havisham molded Estella to become a evil, heart-breaking machine, but Estella has broken that mold. She has returned to Pip's loyal and unrelenting support and friendship. Estella also quotes Pip, saying that he forgave her and that he wants God to forgive her. Because Estella has become more loving to Pip, and Pip has forgiven her, they are able to now be together. Before, although

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