Love Song With Two Goldfish Analysis

As coined by the Father of His Country, “It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company.” This is doubly appropriate as love is nothing more than a series of traumatic and disappointing events. Certain authors utilize their works to portray love from their perspective and/or experience. In “Love Song, with Two Goldfish” by Grace Chua, the author illustrates rejection in the most heartbreaking way possible. In the poem “What Love Isn’t” by Yrsa Daley-Ward, she depicts love as unbearable and somber rather than the joyful and wholesome experience consistently shown throughout pop culture. In the short story, “Was It a Dream?” by Guy de Maupassant, the narrator grieves the loss of his beloved only to have his feelings of woe amplified by betrayal. Through their illustrations, the authors show that love is an extraordinary experience that is often filled with pain, distrust, and despair. …show more content…
One may have feelings for another; it is natural. When faced with rejection, however, the result is ruinous. In the poem, “Love Song, with Two Goldfish”, a goldfish was infatuated with another fish. However, the former was rejected because he “could not give a life beyond the bowl.” She rejected him because of the rash promises he had made, something that made the latter miserable. He expected joy, but was met with pain. Intolerance is common among relationships as most don’t see them as a pleasure, but more of a detriment. In the poem, “What Love Isn’t”, Ward reflects on her experience with love and how much it irritated her. She says, “it is weight and it is too heavy to feel good sometimes. It is discomfort.” Instead of the passion and happiness one experiences in a relationship, Ward had none of it and only went through pain. The pressure of such a romance gave her unneeded agony. While love is depicted as a passionate and beautiful experience, it is a painful one filled with rejection and

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