Love Or Lost Love In Sonnets And 61's Sonnet 61

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Most sonnets and popular songs are written about love or lost love. A good example of the latter is “Sonnet 61” by Michael Drayton and “The Scientist” by Coldplay. These two works of literature are similar in theme and tone. They are both about the pain of losing a love and the hurt and uneasiness that comes with getting over that person. In “Sonnet 61,” the author seems to be very much at ease with his relationship ending in the beginning of this poem. He is very nonchalant and does not seem very heartbroken like a reader would expect from most poetry about lost love. In the second line, he says, “You get no more of me,” which makes it seem that he has grown tired of this relationship and has no desire for his former lover. He even goes to …show more content…
We start to see the author’s underlying feelings for his former lover in the third quatrain. He starts speaking genuinely about how his thoughts of this woman affect him as he is near death and no longer needs to fight off the obvious feelings he has for her. In the last two lines, the author admits to his true feelings for his former lover. He claims if he had the woman he loves, it would bring him from death to life.
“Sonnet 61” shows a range of emotions from sorrow and grief to longing and resentfulness. Michael Drayton tells how he and his love are separating and how tough it is to move on from their relationship. He claims to be glad to be free from the relationship, but the tone of his writing indicates that he still longs for her. In the third quatrain, as his life is coming to a close, he realizes how this woman is the love of his life and what he lost when they
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The first verse of “The Scientist” shows that the author feels as if he has a successful plan to get his woman back. He describes how he is going to convince her that his love is genuine. In the second verse of “The Scientist,” the author is reminiscing about how he and his lover were closer in the past and were more comfortable being completely honest with each other. He has tried to go back to those times, but things have changed, and there is not the same sense of comfort in their relationship that there once was. Later in the verse, the author uses heads and tails to symbolize the flipping of a coin. This flipping of a coin is a risk, which is much like the risk of falling in love. Normally, landing on heads represents winning the coin flip and landing on tails symbolizes losing the coin flip. He uses the lyric “coming up tails” to show that he lost his

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