Love And Love In The Bagel By David Ignatow

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Love is a beautiful chaos that ranges anywhere from being completely platonic, to being exceptionally romantic. Sometimes, the feelings people have for others can build up their relationship. Other times, they can emotionally and mentally drain one or more of the people involved due to lack of understanding, compatibility, or just naturally drifting apart over time. The poem "The Bagel", by David Ignatow, depicts a bagel being personified to represent the inamorata or inamorato that the speaker lost long ago. To begin, the speaker recollects his memories of his lover. Flashbacks of when they met come to his mind: "I stopped to pick up the bagel" (1). This is said to bring up the memory of him trying to "pick them up" and the situation possibly …show more content…
When he says that he is "annoyed with myself / for having dropped it" (3-4), he signals to the readers that his proposal for a relationship not working out was somehow his fault. He also believes that he could have prevented this from happening in some way. The person he loved did not just leave to leave, they saw some type of flaw in him or something better in someone else that would benefit them more than continuing to be with him. In addition to blaming himself, the speaker also senses the impending destruction of the relationship. In line 5, the speaker utters "as if it were portent", hinting at the downfall of the relationship. This means that somewhere in the relationship (or the hope for a relationship), the speaker sensed that everything was inevitably going to go wrong. He could tell that the relationship was not going to flourish in the way he had hoped they would and could tell they were going to come to an end soon. As a result, it can be assumed that he tried to enjoy the relationship as much as he could, but with the anxiety of knowing that the end was near, he probably could not have relished it to the best of his …show more content…
He is suddenly okay with things not working out the way he wanted them to. He says he 's fallen "head over heels, one complete somersault / after another like a bagel" (11-12) which can interpreted in two different ways. In the first, he seems to have seen that the relationship would not have worked out with his 'love ' and he has gone to accept this fact and be happy for them in whatever they are doing with their lives whilst continuing his own. In the second, he has fallen for another person , hints the term 'after another like a bagel ', because he has fallen for someone that favors the one he still has a liking to. In both cases, It is still shown that he gave his all for this person and that he is okay with not being with them. In The line "and strangely happy with myself" (13), the speaker acknowledges that everything happens for a reason and is happy for this lesson he has learned while trying to chase someone who doesn 't love him back. Overall, the experience most likely changed him and set an outline for future relations he may have with

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