Love Is A Fallacy By Max Shulman Essay

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EXP #2
In “Love is a Fallacy,” author Max Shulman writes about two teenagers who make a deal involving: a girl Polly Espy and a raccoon coat. The character found Petey Bellows his friend laying on the bed with a really sad face. He thought that he is sick but Petey only wanted to have a raccoon coat. I asked why do you want a raccoon coat Petey replied because all the Big Men wear it. Character replied it is dirty and people don’t wear it anymore. Petey just said I want a raccoon coat and he would anything to get it. So they made a deal that if Character brings a raccoon coat, he will have a date with Petey girl. Shulman writes that character thought that Polly was very beautiful but was not smart at all, and he thought under his influence he could make her smarter. On the first date Character and Polly had under the oak and guy offered her to talk about fallacy. Polly really liked his fallacies but she was little confused as well; so they went on and on. After several dates character told Polly that they are good match. Polly replied that how can you think we are good match after five days together. The character tried to outsmart Polly by telling her “you don’t have to eat a whole cake to no if it is good.” Polly used all her fallacy knowledge that she learned from him against him. The character asked Polly why do you like Petey more than me? He continued saying that he is smart and Petey is not successful person at all. Polly replied Petey has a raccoon coat! Focusing on…

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