Love Is A Complicated And Interesting All At The Same Time Essay

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Love is a complicated and interesting all at the same time. Love is has been pretty amazing this week reading about the different aspects of communication in relationships. Everyone needs to be loved whether they realize it or not. We have love all around us from our families, friends, and romantic partners. Different people love and communicate in different ways. Some people feel marriage is important in their lives and others don’t. “Committed romantic relationships are created and sustained by unique people who cannot be replaced” (Wood, 2016, p. 309). This is how I feel about my husband and for me marriage is an important part of our romantic relationship. According to Gary Chapman (2016), everyone has a love language and by knowing your love language, you are able to share more with your partner. My most important love language is words of affirmation, then acts of service followed by quality time.
To begin with, I scored the highest on the love language words of affirmation. I feel that it is important to express with words how I feel about someone. I feel this way, especially with my family. It’s imperative in my relationships to tell and hear that we love each other. Having my husband and kids tell me that they love me makes my days brighter. I think communication is important in any relationship, but it is essential in a romantic relationship which is in my case is my marriage. When someone that I care about says something hurtful to me, I carry this with me like a…

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