Love In A Midsummer Night's Dream Analysis

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The “Green World” is best used in A Midsummer Night 's Dream, the fairy magic (magic that is found in a “Green World’) is linked to the wonder and development of love. Love, as Shakespeare seems to describe it to be, is an enchanting and magical conversion that can be said as in the saying "beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. When the characters fall in love with others than who they are supposed to be in love with, the setting takes place in the Green World (aka the forest) it is caused by Oberon 's love potion that blinds the characters to fall in love with others other than who they really love. How else could we explain the irrational explanation of the beautiful fairy queen 's infatuation with Bottom who, of course, has been turned into a donkey? Or Lysander 's sudden love for Helena? All these questions are answered throughout the play because of being in the “Green World”.
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In an unusual and different forest setting, they are shown a world where rules and laws do not apply as to what they are used to in the real world. The Green World opens so many opportunities for them to open up their imagination and fantasies. For instance, they all show signs of weird behavior that they would never do back in the real world: Demetrius wants to kill Lysander, Helena runs after Demetrius, Lysander makes fun and mocks Hermia, and Hermia bullies and attacks her childhood friend Helena. As stated in the text “O me! You canker blossom! You thief of love! What, have you come by night and stol’n my love’s heart from him! (Hermia attacking Helena)” (Act 3 Scene 2:282-283) This text shows how Hermia’s was angry at Helena who has seemingly taken her love, Lysander away when it was really the magic

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