Love And Reality In We Were Liars By E. Lockhart

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Family. Love. Reality. It seems like people have these three things all figured out, right? We were liars by E. Lockhart should be saved because it is a beautifully written book, the ‘love’ is everything someone could hope for, and it shows reality in a completely different way. Reading We Were Liars rips you away from reality and shows you life in a whole new way. It will leave you questioning everything you ever thought you knew.
The first reason this book should be saved is because of how it depicts family. It shows family in a real view. When you are a part if the family you are kind of oblivious. You never want to see how the people who you love and who love you actually are. You could say that you are a little biased. “Welcome to the beautiful Sinclair family. No one is a criminal. No one is an addict. No one is a failure.” this quote is ironic because Cadance begin the book with a lie. All the liars become criminals when they burn down Clairmont, Cadance is arguably addicted to percocet (a highly addictive pain medication) the aunts are drinking constantly, and no one can hold a job or a marriage.
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in this novel it is exactly what you would expect a love story to be, at first. Except it is all a lie. Yes Cadance said she always loved Gat, but was it because her family hated them because he was a different race? “Granny Tipper's mouth made a straight line. Then she showed all her teeth and went forward. ‘You must be Ed. What a lovely surprise.’" Tipper is border line racist so is Harris and the rest of the Sinclair’s but Tipper is more willing to put on a smile and pretend like there is nothing wrong because after all appearances are what the Sinclair’s do best. “The bottom line is,Gat bailed when I got hurt. The bottom line is, it was only a summer fling. The bottom line is, he might have loved Raquel. We lived too far away anyways.” It is easier for Cadence to believe that Gat abandoned her than to believe that he is dead, and that she killed

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