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Societies Judgement on Love and Marriages In today’s society there is a lot battling about whether a wife placing her hands on her husband is ok or not. Back in the day it was rare to hear about a wife abusing her husband due to the fact that everyone was to busy talking about the male companion abusing the female companion on the regular. Men abusing there wife 's became a way of life for them. Since everyone was used to hearing about the husband abusing the wife on the regular they began to think that it was ok and that the man was always right for hitting her or she deserved it for making him angry enough to want to hit her. Years later entering Present day everyone has heard of the stories of the Wife finally fighting back. In present …show more content…
Janie’s first marriage failed due to the fact that society told Janie that love would eventually come once she married her soon to be husband. Janie only believed societies thoughts because “…Nanny and the old folks had said it..” (Hurston. Their Eyes Were Watching God p 21). Anything that Nanny had told Janie she instantly believed which left her unhappy in the end. Janie’s second marriage failed because society made her husband believe that he could treat her any type of way and get away with it because she was beneath him as his wife. The spark that ruined their marriage was when the narrator stated that “Janie had robbed him of his illusion of irresistible maleness that all men cherish, which was terrible.” (Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God p 79). The narrator basically stated that Joe wasn 't as untouchable as he had assumed he was and that his wife who he considered beneath him would be the one to prove this to him. Janie proved to him that he wasn 't as untouchable when he tried to embarrass her in front of the men in the store when she messed up cutting the tobacco and instead of everyone laughing at her she made them laugh at him proving her …show more content…
Back in the day if a woman wasn 't married by a certain age society would make it seem as a bad thing so Janie got married at the young age of sixteen hoping for love to come. In there society is was said that “Uh woman by herself is uh pitiful thing,”. (Hurtson Their Eyes Were Watching God p90). Like most women in there time Janie believed that, that statement was true. After several failed attempts to find love Janie finally found her true love and thought she would be happy forever but he died. Janie second husband Joe who she thought would be the one ended up dying and Janie acted depressed like society told her to which left her unhappy and alone. Even after Janie knew that Tea Cake was dead the narrator stated that she believed “He could never be dead until she herself had finished feeling and thinking.” (Hurtson Their Eyes Were Watching God p193). After Tea Cake died society made Janie believe that she should be extremely depressed over her loss but she decided that this time she wouldn 't because society’s ruling made her unhappy. She did cry for a while but in the end she became happy because although her first true love had died she was happy she got to experience real love after several failed attempts. Had Janie been the one that died society wouldn’t have demanded that Tea Cake or Joe Starks be depressed as they demanded women to

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