Louise Shimmel's Article: Keep The Wild In Wildlife

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Keep the Wild in Wildlife
When we are driving in our vehicles we try our best to swerve out the way of any kind of life that happens to be in the road, most of us try to recycle as much as possible in hopes that it will lead to less plastic and waste in our oceans, rivers, and lakes, but inevitably animals are still injured due to our carelessness. Everyday a wild animal is killed or hurt because of a thoughtless mistake made by a human. Several are not helped and left for dead while others are sent to an animal rehabilitator. These animal rehabilitators try their best to cure the wildlife and send back into their ecosystems. Louise Shimmel wonderfully expands on wildlife rehabilitation in his article, “What Good is Wildlife Rehabilitation?”
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She also exaggerates the need for training when becoming a wildlife rehabilitator because in the past well-meaning yet ignorant, untrained citizens have picked up an “orphaned” animal and tried to feed it cow’s milk resulting in sickness, and disease of an animal that would have been better off in the wild. Shimmel implies that these animals should be respected and treated as equals, not treated as pets because such behavior often leads to imprinting forcing the wildlife to rely on humans for food resulting in the individual not being able to be returned to its home, the wild. The author is also an avid believer in using animals unfit for release for educational purposes, it is a good thing to allow the public the opportunity to be able to recognize the native animals around them, often the stories that come with these rehabilitated animals teach and move the hearts of the audience to be more careful as well …show more content…
A metaphor comparing a human to an animal is also used, “Despite the vast overpopulation of humans these days, any of us would stop to help a child injured beside the road. Why not the raccoon, squirrel, hawk or eagle?” (Shimmel). Another way Shimmel fortifies her argument through is writing techniques is by using a cause and effect writing style, because humans are selfish and blind to the wildlife surrounding them, several innocent lives are taken because their existence “does not have

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