Louis Xiv Accomplishments

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The reign of Louis XIV, the longest in European history, traded disasters and glories. His excesses, especially as far as war was concerned, were terrible. His supremacy was not only marked by the difficulties and mistakes and the relative success of his political prestige. It was also noticeable by his good taste, elegance, and approval for fine arts. France managed to take the lead of European nations by imposing his authority. He gained the respect and honor of the world’s society by his cultural taste.

Louis XIV, called the Sun king, was born in France on 1638 and died on 1715. He was the most outstanding monarch of the French absolute monarchy with a very long reign, which lasted for more than half a century (1661-1715). Louis XIV, distinguished from the rest of his colleagues by the military, political and cultural control that France achieved during his term. However, it was the
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Thanks to his arts’ passion, many artists had the opportunity to express and to show their talents. In the words of Robert Isherwood, author of the article The Centralization of Music in the Reign of Luis XIV, artist such as Corneille, Racine and Molière were featured in drama, Le Brun and Mignard in painting, and Le Vau and Hardouin-Mansart in architecture (156). These actors, painters, and architects achieved fame and prestige not only on France, but in the European continent. France’s cultural reputation was exacted by the foundation of the royal academies of dance (1661), inscriptions (1663), painting and sculpture (1664), science (1666), architecture (1671), and music (1672). These academies without doubt were the centralization of the fine arts commanded by Louis XIV. The class text, Understanding Western Society, expresses that French culture grew in international prestige, allowing French to become the polite language of polite society and international diplomacy

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