Louis Vuitton Clothing Analysis

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Louis Vuitton has always taken fashion to new heights and with his latest campaign he uses Jaden Smith to do exactly that. Vuitton’s latest campaign host Jaden Smith rocking a fringe bottomed striped top, a leather jacket, and a skirt. This is no new choice of clothing for Jaden as he has taken an extreme interest in clothing deemed “unsuitable for men”, but this has taken the views of modern society by shock alone. In this article I will be discussing the use of clothing, color, and characters and how it may challenge the observer 's views of masculinity.

As one of Vuitton’s models you have to wear whatever the designer creates and make the world appreciate you and it as a piece of art, but in the past skirts and fringe has been orchestrated on the female art. What happens when the artist decides it will be better suited on a male?
On the model the balance of what is deemed masculinity and femininity is even, as Jaden is adorned with a leather jacket, fringed bottom top, and a skirt. The leather jacket being masculine and the top and skirt being feminine portrays a unisex clothing line as the wardrobe is unaffiliated to any one of them.
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A friend once argued that by Jaden wearing a skirt he is trying to convert the mind of the young to a gender neutral concept which in turn would discard of the stereotypical masculine role. Obviously this is absurd as one person embracing the non-affiliation of gender cannot do this, but we cannot completely disregard this argument when it is portrayed in a campaign with millions of rich young viewers who have the resources to purchase these items. In turn influencing manufactures to produce cheaper version of this, which allows middle class consumers to purchase it, starting a trend which makes androgynistic clothing in for the

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