Louis Vuitton : European Vs. American Fashion Ip Rights Essay

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Louis Vuitton: European V. American Fashion IP Rights
This analysis intends to explain and compare, in a summary the way the intellectual property protection of high fashion brands and their creations in America and Europe and in particular, the protection that Louis Vuitton and its bags receive in both continents.
The protection of fashion design and in particular, high fashion design has evolved in the last few decades; however, this evolution has not been homogeneously in all countries, this is most evident when comparing the protection of fashion design in America and Europe. The two continents seem to be at different points on the evolutionary intellectual property protection curve, in particular when related to their attitude towards intellectual property protection, more than the actual laws that each has to protect the creations, this is particularly obvious in the different way high fashion brands behave in Europe and in America. The manner in which high fashion brands act in each continent, is a reflection of how different the intellectual property protection systems are, not so much in regulatory aspects, but more in the social etiquette of the fashion world of each region. Where in Europe a respect for other designers, and their creations, and therefore “taking inspiration” and not coping each other, which translates in a low rate of litigation, it is the norm, making the law and the regulations a safety net of protection. Exactly the opposite occurs in…

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