Louis Pasteur As A Master Of His Trade, Penicillin, And The Creation Of The Pasteurization Process

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It is rare to find someone that is a master of their trade, but when it came to saving lives through disease research Louis Pasteur is one. Throughout his entire life he stayed around educational institutions and universities. His career was very long and consisted of lots of research and much time spent in laboratories. Described as a man who would do anything for his trade, at times he was even said to put his life at risk to do his research. Countless lives have been saved due to Pasteur’s discoveries and will continued to be saved in the future. His work truly changed the world. Louis Pasteur is a very influential scientist in history because of his discovery of the germ theory, inventions of the rabies and anthrax vaccines, penicillin, and the creation of the pasteurization process. Before all his discoveries first Louis upbringing has to be understood. Pasteur was born in a small town called Dole, France on December 27, 1822. Brought up a poor Catholic family, Pasteur’s father was a tanner who supported him and his two other brothers. Though his earlier years in school Pasteur was considered a very average student. He spent the majority of his time fishing and painting. In his teenage years, his father went off to become a decorated Sgt. Major during the Napoleonic wars. After his primary schooling, he continued his education at university. The first school he attended was the Institution Barbet, but he soon became homesick and returned. Then he Went to the College…

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