How Did Louis Armstrong Contribute To The American Dream

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Louis Armstrong was one of the greatest Jazz Musicians of all times. Louis Armstrong had defined what it was to play jazz, throughout his amazing abilities, his joy and spontaneity which allowed him to be quick on creating inventive music, which still allows him to dominate jazz today. Jazz is a form of music that has been consistently defining itself among the music industry and the African-American culture. Jazz music has also become a major tradition throughout America, where it has grown and developed into other music genres such as, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, and Soul. However, the mere existence of Jazz today is due to the influential contributions of Louis Armstrong. Armstrong lived his American Dream throughout the years his music which has provided a foundation for other Jazz Musicians to build an empire upon it. Louis Armstrong was born on August 4th, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana to Maryanne and William Armstrong. Louis had many great accomplishments, he became a leader that everyone around him had become to grow and admire. However, Louis had a hard and painful …show more content…
He also collected discarded food which he had found and tried to sell it to local restaurants for extra money, however, the money that Louis earned was not enough to keep his mother from participating in prostitution. Louis eventually dropped out of school at the age of eleven years old and joined a group of boys who sang on street corners for money. Louis also developed a relationship with, “Joe King Oliver” who is one of his favorite musicians during his childhood. Oliver became a mentor and a fatherly figure towards Louis especially through his troubled times and supported him greatly. Oliver was coronet players who often use to play at a dancehall, where Louis often dropped by to hear musicians

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