How Did Louis Armstrong Affect Society

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Louis Armstrong was born on August 4, 1901, in New Orleans, Louisiana (Editors, n.d, sect. synopsis). Armstrong was raised by a single mother living in poverty. As a reckless young man, Armstrong got in trouble with the police from firing a gun. Shortly after, Louis was put into the Colored Waif 's Home for Boys at age 12 which later placed him in Band .A man by the name of King Joe Oliver helped mentor Louis by teaching him how to read and play music .A Jewish family also gave Louis a job working with coal and gave him his first cornet. Louis eventually joined a group called Kid Ory 's band .By 1922, Louis left New Orleans with his wife Daisy Parker, and to follow Oliver in his attempt to make a band in Chicago called the Creole. Louis played trumpet and made up his own way of playing which made him stand out in the group (Editors, n.d, sect. younger years). …show more content…
Soon after his wife convinced him to leave for New York in 1924. In New York, Louis played in the band, Fletcher Henderson 's Orchestra. Although Louis had a big effect on New York in Jazz, he went back to Chicago after a year (Editors, n.d, sect. early career). Louis played music at a restaurant his wife worked for a while but then for the first time ever had his own band called Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five. In Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five, Louis was free to express himself however he wanted for the first time ever. Louis was able to sing more and play however he felt fit. This was a great time for Louis because his popularity grew immensely due to his freedom to express himself (Editors, n.d, sect.

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