Personal Narrative: Changing My Whole Family

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Growing up, I never thought losing family members would change my whole family’s perspective on things. When I was younger my cousin committed suicide, and a year later my uncle did too. I interviewed my aunt, my cousin’s mom, and I must say the interview went well. She started off by saying that what happened was devastating to her. What happened to all of us was quite tragic, but we all had to get through it. I believe suicide traumatizes entire families and requires serious counseling, yet remains a daily struggle.
In 2009 in the middle of August almost time for school to start my cousin, Laquita Davis, came to pick me and my younger cousins up to take us swimming. I remember this day like it was yesterday because my mom had just done my
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If I would have known that would have been the last day I saw my best friend I wouldn’t have sat out. The day was full of laughter and joking and I felt like I was missing out because I didn’t get to swim. The next day my aunt had gotten a random call from Laquita and my aunt said that she never …show more content…
No, for my family things got worse. After a year and a little over a month of mourning over my cousin’s death my granny, my mom, my aunt, and my uncle got a text message that changed everything forever. My mom’s youngest brother, Erick, sent out suicide notes to all of them stating his reason and told them how much he loved them. My mama was quiet that day and I can always tell when something is wrong with her. I had just laid down to go to sleep and all I heard was my mama screaming. I went downstairs and asked why was she crying but my dad had told me to go back upstairs. I went back up and called one of my cousins and she said that my uncle Erick killed himself in Vegas. Both of my mom’s brothers, my uncle Erick and Vic, lived in Vegas together. My uncle Vic said that he had gotten a call from my Uncle Erick’s girlfriend and she said that they had been arguing for over week and that Erick had just snapped out of nowhere. She said that he chased her out the house with a gun and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t leave. After they went back and forth on the front porch, my uncle had stuck the gun in his mouth and screamed at her and said “If you don’t leave then I will shoot myself!” She then picked up the phone to call the police and my uncle ran in the house and locked all the doors so that she couldn’t get in. My uncle Vic rushed over to where they lived and by the time he got over

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