Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin Essay

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Amanda Panzica
Professor Barbara Green
WRT 102-12137
5 December 2016
Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry had many different elements that influenced the way she wrote all her works, from A Raisin in the Sun to Les Blanc, however, the most important thing that has swayed her writing has been her personal home life and upbringing. Hansberry grew up in South Chicago to two very well educated parents, Carl and Nannie Hansberry (Adler, p1). When Lorraine was eight, her family moved into a middle class white community which led to the conflicts of racial inequality and segregation (Biography p2). As per Lyonette Louis-Jacques at D 'Angelo Law, Lorraine Hansberry had met many civil rights activists when she was young and later joined the civil rights movement herself (p5). Hansberry’s passion for equality is what led to the strengths in her writings especially in her play, A Raisin in the Sun. In A Raisin in the Sun, Hansberry’s use of the elements setting, theme, and plot are the most crucial elements to the understanding of the social issues faced by lower class African Americans in the 1950’s. The first element that Hansberry used to show the social conflicts faced by African Americans of a lower-class status was setting. The setting of this play mainly took place in the small apartment of South Chicago. Hansberry used this apartment to depict the struggles the Younger family faced when it came to finances as well as social class among white people.…

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