Lord of the Flies Essay

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How does Golding use the 'the beast' in the novel as a whole?

As we all know the beast is an imagination of the boys, Golding uses this as a way to convey the main theme of savagery that exists on the island. All the boys are scared and become very worried about the 'beast' apart from Piggy, his maturity shows as he is the only one to come to the realization of the beast being inside of them and not an actual living thing. However this does not rule out the un-controlling feeling of savagery that is growing in each individual boy, this spiral of decent eventually leads to the boys leaving the beast sacrifices such as a pigs head on a stick, this can relate to religion and the devil and the evilness created inside the boys mind. This all
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An example of the boys actions on the island relating to adults actions are shown when Jack sets up his group like an army, this can relate to the war that was going on back home where they lived. There is an occurring repetition from the children and especially Ralph for a grown up sign, this shows even the character the littleuns look up to is looking for a grown up to tell him what to do and help him make sure the civilization on the island come crumbling down.

The Way It Is Written: • The way the boys speak show a way of their class and are quite sophisticated and are very direct towards each other. However in contrast to this Piggy is from a working class family and is bullied for this and the other boys act very crude towards him, however in fairness Piggy has the most helpful and mature ideas throughout the novel. • Irony is used by Golding throughout the novel to show a message of if you try do one thing the boys will get something else out of it, the fire is quite ironic as at first the hunters don't really care about the fire and have no serious mindset on keeping the fire going however in the end the fire is the thing that saves them. • Dystopia is used as when we are first introduced to the setting and description of the island we think it's going

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