Essay on Lord of the Flies - Human Beings Are Innately Savage

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Essay: Lord of the Flies –
Human Beings are Innately Savage

Savagery, the hideous vileness within man's heart, is explored by William Golding as he expresses his thoughts on the darkness and brutality of man in his novel Lord of the Flies. He explores a group of British boys struggling to survive on an island without civilization. Through the character development of Jack, Golding shows how an innocent child transforms into a savage. He uses imagery to illustrate the savages these boys are becoming. This novel shows that lack of rules and restraints of civilization will cause man to become savage.

In society there are certain rules and standards that people find acceptable. However, on the island there are no adults who would tell
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One specific symbol is the stick sharpened at both ends (Double Headed Spear). Accordingly the stick reveals that they will go to any measure to ensure that they get what they want. Jack announced, "Sharpen a stick at both ends."(169). He tells everyone that the spear will be used to hold up the "gift"(170) for the beast. Later they try to use this spear to kill Ralph. Nevertheless, this shows that

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