Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essay

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William Golding, a Nobel Prize winning author, was inspired to write Lord of the Flies after he came back from World War I. He was greatly affected by the things he experienced in the war, and related these acts to a survival situation. He had learned how quickly people can snap and become someone they are not. The novel is an allegory for the hardships and conflicts he had to deal with during the war. This novel is filled with examples of survival in this novel such as surviving on the island or Piggy trying to overcome his physical disabilities. Although there are many important conflicts in the story, the most important conflicts are Ralph and Jack fighting for power, Simon being taken over by the fly and Piggy’s glasses.
To start off with, Ralph is the leader of the group, he is an attractive, decently intelligent young man. In the novel, he represents common sense. He wanted to build huts, makes a meeting place, public restrooms, and most importantly the conceived the idea of the fire. He said that they needed a fire to; first, to cook the meat that they catch so they don’t get sick. Second, they won’t freeze to death at night. And third, it can make smoke so that another plane or ship can see them and they can get rescued. Almost everyone likes him as leader for these reasons alone... except one person. This person is Jack, a sadistic boy that represents the evil in people, and he hates everything Ralph does. Instead of building a fire or building huts, he wants…

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